Request a Reimagined RYLAN Workshop

Thank you for your interest in RYLAN and helping your community become more prepared. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the Emergency Management Department (EMD) is no longer facilitating in-person RYLAN workshops and encourages all residents to practice social distancing. However in an effort to continue preparing Los Angeles' communities, EMD has adapted the program so that residents can plan, organize, and prepare virtually. Currently, there are two options available; Do-It-Yourself RYLAN and Virtual RYLAN led by EMD Staff. Both programs are completely free of cost to Los Angeles residents. 

Do-It-Yourself RYLAN - Resident leaders will be given all the materials and tools necessary to facilitate the RYLAN workshop in their own neighborhood. EMD will provide technical support in the planning and preparation leading up to the RYLAN workshop. The resident leader will then host and lead the RYLAN workshop. EMD staff will provide answers to follow-up questions or concerns. If necessary, EMD can provide access to video teleconferencing to allow for social distancing. 

Virtual RYLAN led by EMD Staff - EMD staff will work alongside the resident leader to plan and prepare for the RYLAN workshop. EMD staff will lead the workshop through a video teleconference software. 

RYLAN Workshop Request Form